Dec. 19, 2016 – Readings in Recovery: Twenty-Four Hours a Day

serenity-prayer68Twenty-Four Hours a Day
Monday, Dec. 19, 2016

AA Thought for the Day
The skeptic and the agnostic say it is impossible for us to find the answer to life. Many have tried and failed. But many more have put aside intellectual pride and have said to themselves: Who am I to say there is no God? Who am I to say there is no purpose in life? The atheist makes a declaration: “The world originated in a cipher and aimlessly rushes nowhere.” Others live for the moment and do not even think about why they are here or where they are going. They might as well be clams on the bottom of the ocean, protected by their hard shells of indifference. They are going nowhere and they do not care.

Do I care where I am going?

Meditation for the Day
We may consider the material world as the clay which the artist works with, to make of it something beautiful or ugly. We need not fear material things, which are neither good nor bad in the moral sense. There seems to be no active force for evil – outside of human beings themselves. Humans alone can have either evil intentions – resentments, malevolence, hate and revenge – or good intentions – love and good will. They can make something ugly or something beautiful out of the clay of their lives.

Prayer for the Day
I pray that I may make something good out of my life. I pray that I may be a good artisan of the materials which I have been given to use.

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