Feb. 16, 2017 – Readings in Recovery: A Day at a Time


A Day at a Time
Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017
Reflection for the Day
What about “justifiable anger?” If somebody cheats us or acts toward us in an outrageous manner, don’t we have the right to be furious? The hard-learned experiences of countless others in The Program tell us that adventures in rage are usually extremely dangerous. So, while we must recognize anger enough to say, “I am angry,” we must not allow the build-up of rage, however justifiable.

Can I accept the fact that if I am to live, I have to be free of anger?

Today I Pray
Even though I go out of the way to skirt them, may I be aware that there always will be certain situations or certain people who will make me angry. When my anger doesn’t seem justifiable – with arguable reason behind it – I may deny it, even to myself. May I recognize my anger, whether it is reasonable or not, before I bury it alive.

Today I Will Remember
It is alright to feel anger.

Hazelden Foundation


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