April 7, 2017 – Readings in Recovery: A Day at a Time

serenity prayer17

A Day at a Time

Friday, April 7, 2017

Reflection for the Day

Our spiritual and emotional growth in The Program doesn’t depend so deeply upon success as it does upon our failures and setbacks. If we bear this in mind, a relapse can have the effect of kicking us upstairs, instead of down. We in The Program have had no better teacher than Old Man Adversity, except in those cases where we refuse to let him teach us. 

Do I try to remain always teachable? 

Today I Pray

May I respect the total Program, with its unending possibilities for spiritual and emotional growth so that I can view a relapse as a learning experience, not “the end of the world.” May relapse for any one of our fellowship serve to teach not only the person who slipped, but all of us. May it strengthen our shared resolve.

Today I Will Remember

If you slip, get up. 

Hazelden Foundation


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