Oct. 21, 2017 – Rise ‘n shine for a super Saturday and greater weekend



Oct. 21, 2017 – Readings in Recovery: The Eye Opener

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The Eye Opener

Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017

One day, not too long ago, you lost everything in the world you held dear, then a man sat down with you and he gave you friendship, understanding, faith, hope, courage and opportunity. Have you ever realized the great value of what this man gave you? These were the tools with which you made a new and better life.

Someone did this for you, so “go and do thou likewise.”

Hazelden Foundation

Oct. 21, 2017 – Readings in Recovery: Step by Step

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Step by Step

Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017

Today, extend gratitude but withhold pride on a day that greeted me sober and saw me through doing what is expected of me – expected of the program, expected of the responsibilities to sobriety, and expected of myself. I need not be bogged down with anything from my drinking past – shame, remorse, regret, grandiosity, egoism, anger, depression, or anything else that I could find to keep myself in the gutter. Today, if I awakened sober and proceed through the day doing what is expected of me and do it with integrity and ethics and then go to sleep remembering all that I said and did, then today will be good. I can be grateful for that seemingly simple achievement and, today, it is enough. And our common journey continues. Step by step. – Chris M., 2017

Oct. 21, 2017 – Readings in Recovery: A Day at a Time

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A Day at a Time

Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017

Reflection for the Day

There’s a world of difference between the idea of self-love and love of self. Self-love is a reflection of an inflated ego, around which – in our distorted view of our own self-importance – everything must revolve. Self-love is the breeding ground for hostility, arrogance and a host of other character defects which blind us to any point of view but our own. Love of self, in contrast, is an appreciation of our dignity and value as human beings. Love of self is an expression of self-realization, from which springs humility.

Do I believe that I can love others best when I have gained love of self?

Today I Pray

May God, who loves me, teach me to love myself. May I notice that the most arrogant and officious humans are not so completely sure of themselves, after all. Instead, they are apt to have a painfully low self-image, an insecurity which they cloak in pomp and princely trappings. May God show me that when I can like myself, I am duly crediting Him, since every living thing is a work of God.

Today I Will Remember

I will try to like myself.

Hazelden Foundation

Oct. 21, 2017 – Readings in Recovery: Twenty-Four Hours a Day

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Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017

AA Thought for the Day

Now that we have considered the obligations of real, working members of AA, let us examine what the rewards are that have come to us as a result of our new way of living. First, I understand myself more than I ever did before. I have learned what was the matter with me and I know now a lot of what makes me tick. I will never be alone again. I am just one of many who have the illness of alcoholism and one of many who have learned what to do about it. I am not an odd fish or a square peg in a round hole. I seem to have found my right place in the world.

Am I beginning to understand myself?

Meditation for the Day

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him and will remain with him and him with me.” The knocking of God’s spirit, asking to come into your life, is due to no merit of yours, though it is in response to the longing of your heart. Keep a listening ear, an ear bent to catch the sound of the gentle knocking at the door of your heart by the spirit of God. Then open the door of your heart and let God’s spirit come in.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may let God’s spirit come into my heart. I pray that it may fill me with an abiding peace.

Hazelden Foundation

Oct. 20, 2017 – Readings in Recovery: Today’s Gift from Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

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Friday, Oct. 20, 2017

Today’s thought from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is: 

Self-Seeking Slips Away

Today, God, help me remember that not everything is about me.

When I was using, thinking of myself was my whole existence. With abstinence, I began to practice understanding, humility, gratitude, caring, and sharing with others.

By having faith in our Program’s recovery Steps and their other-centeredness focus, I am reminded that I am a person who truly needs other people.

You are reading from the book:

The 12 Step Prayer Book Volume 2 by Bill P. and Lisa D.

The 12 Step Prayer Book Volume 2 by Bill P. and Lisa D. © 2007 by Hazelden Foundation